DNA From The Beginning


Viral Influence

Viruses come and go, but there are some that just seem to come back every year, like the adenovirus that causes the common cold.  Because it mutates so quickly, we’re infected by different adenoviruses each year.  Another common viral ailment is gastroenteritis, which can be caused by the astrovirus, norovirus or rotavirus.  Growing up, the “stomach flu” seemed to move through the members of our household annually.  When one person began to vomit, it was only a matter of time before the next victim fell, until everyone had been wiped out…..except my Dad.  He just never got the stomach flu! More >

Amazing Microbes

Most people associate microorganisms, such as bacteria fungi and protists, with little more than making people sick. While some can create serious problems for us, these amazing creatures deserve more positive attention for their role in how life works. In fact, the number of bacteria cells in and on your body is greater than the number of your own cells. Some of the bacteria, including a type of E.coli in our digestive system, help us by producing vitamins and controlling levels of potentially harmful strains.

The recent sequencing of the panda genome has provided even greater insight into the significance of More >