“Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and claims more than 7 million lives each year according to the World Health Organization.”

Cancer cells have mutations in their genes that render them unable to respond to signals that regulate cell division. These cells grow uncontrollably and can invade normal tissue in other locations of the body and cause disrupted functions of major organs. This is why cancer is so deadly.

A mutagen is a physical or chemical substance that can alter genetic material in cells. DNA can be damaged or changed (mutated). Cancer cells have changes in the genes themselves. These changes can include mutations , deletions of part or whole genes or even the addition of extra copies of genes.

There are many mutagens that can cause cancer in cells. These are called carcinogens. Two of the most common and most deadly cancers, lung and skin are caused by two well known carcinogens, cigarette smoke and sunlight. Some studies suggest when 15 cigarettes are smoked, an error in DNA occurs.

Now the UK’s Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has cracked the code for the mutations within DNA that can cause tumors that lead to these two devastating types of cancers.

This new information can open the door to major advancements in treatment, medication and maybe even cures in the future of skin and lung cancers.